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Delivering to the following areas

Bellingen &

Coffs Harbour


Balmain Lilyfield Rozelle Cammeray


North Bridge 


& other areas by arrangement

For more information, 

or additional delivery dates please call:

02 66571233 



available with 20 kg bulk  buy or order  by arrangement




herb& garlic,

chilli & coriander

The Bolivian 


is  presevative free made with Dorrigo Grass-fed Beef fresh herbs and organic spices 



Fresh "n" Healthy

Beef  Tagine is made with

fresh herbs and organic spices. Tender diced meat is vacuum packed  in an intense and authentic Maroccan spice blend. 

Sold in 1kg pack

@ $25/ kg

Try our newest !!!

 Dorrigo Pepper Sausage

Made with native Pepper Berries, from the rainforest on our farm.

We are a family of 4  and have been living on the Dorrigo Plateau  breeding and growing cattle for the last 11 years.  We carry between 50 to 80 head of Angus cattle, depending on the season.  They are grazed on native and improved pastures and are watered from spring fed streams via a reticulated watering system.  Over the eight years that we have been here we have fenced off 75% of the creeks springs and waterfalls to protect them from being trashed by the cattle and to improve the habitat for local wildlife, and water quality for those downstream.  We are surrounded on three sides by World Heritage National Park, and as we are located at the top of the catchment the water here is pristine. We are delivering our beef in our local area and in Balmain,North Sydney, the Inner West suburbs of Sydney and other areas by arrangement.  We deliver premium Angus beef from our property to your door.  Our cattle are free range grass-fed and hormone free.  The beef is dry aged on the bone before being vacuum packed and delivered immediately to you.
The meat is packaged into meal size portions and labeled,making it easy to handle, ready to freeze, or divide your bulk purchase with others. 
We want you to know it is possible to enjoy clean fresh DORRIGO GRASS-FED BEEF ... better beef.... from happy cattle, at sensible prices.      


Cheff's Choice Bulk Buy (20kg) at 18.50 per kg
The Chef's Choice bulk buy includes all cuts, lean mince and your choice of gluten free sausages made with fresh herbs and spices.  Includes herb&garlic, chili&coriander, Dorrigo pepper, chorizo and boerewors. We call these "Fresh Sausages",they are preservative free, made with fresh roasted organic spices and fresh herbs. These should be consumed within a few days of delivery or frozen.

Cuts only 10kg pack  (limited quantity)  $21.00 per kg
Includes all cuts with optional sauasages, mince.

ALSO available with any 10kg or 20 kg order.

 Boerewors, Chorizo (hot or mild), Herb & Garlic, Chili & Coriander, 
Dorrigo Pepper Berry, Plain Beef ..... all made with fresh ingredients ($ 18.50/kg)

1kg packs at $25/kg

2-4 steaks per pack @ $21/kg

We know you want excellent meat at fair prices. If you want to deal directly with us, the producers of Dorrigo Grass-fed Beef ,you can... It's easy.  Just pick up the phone and call 02 66571233  (if We are out on the farm leave a message)   or email us at robynmtuck@gmail.com 

By dealing direct with you we can compete with  the larger corporate properties and feedlots, who are targeted by the supermarkets.  We have an excellent product and would like to bring our beef to you. We have recently added at tagine  1kg pack  at $25.00, and Dorrigo Pepperberry Steak at 21/kg    ... so if you are interested       please call 66571233 or email  robynmtuck@gmail.com

WHY  BUY  "Dorrigo Grass-fed Beef" DIRECT FROM THE FARM?
Because YOU can.. its so easy... great value.. and it's excellent  quality.
Our cattle are free range and grass-fed happy cattle and that translates to wholesome tasty tender meat. The Dorrigo Plateau in North Eastern NSW would have to be one of the most pristine environments our planet. As our property is at the top of the catchment our water is also pristine. So if you want to be assured that you are eating and feeding your family the best possible grass-fed beef, with out paying an impossible price for it ... we can provide AND WE DELIVER FREE .    

When you place an order.  I will email or fax to you the details for payment.  You can then secure your order with payment.
 Please do not forward any payment until we have confirmed that your order can be delivered on the desired date.

20 kg equates approximately to 1/8th of a steer.  However there can be some variation between animals.  Be assured however, if the boxes are too heavy they will be adjusted by removing mince and sausages.  If they are too light you will be issued a refund cheque at delivery, for the difference. The meat is be vacuum packed  in meal size portions and easy to handle if you are considering sharing your purchase.

The 20 kg will give you approximately the following cuts
4  T-bone steaks
2 slices of rump steak
2 slices of eye fillet steak
3- 4 slices of scotch fillet
blade steak (bone in)
 topside .
1 corned silverside
1 rolled roast
osso bucco (when requested)
2 kg mince (in 1 kg pks)
4kg sausages (mixed or as requested)
1kg Italian meatballs (in 1kg packs)

bones if you want them, to be discussed. (free with any 20 kg order)

If you cancel your order after the cattle have been dispatched for processing you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.  This fee will
not be charged if I am able to place your order with another customer.